Specialist Parkinson's disease fitness classes and 1-2-1 therapy sessions

A Healthier, Happier You

Early Stage Parkinson’s class

A brand new exercise class for people with early stage Parinson’s Disease, full of fun, care and positivity. I specialise in helping my clients live their best possible lives, staying fit, strong and happier.


My goal is to share advice and guidance on nutrition, exercise and thinking to keep you physically and mentally strong.

Venue Details

Mtfield Village Hall
Mondays 11am - 12 noon

Just for You

We have developed a course just for you:

- Balance
- Stability
- Strength
- Mobility
- Confidence
- Nutrition advice
- Wellbeing
- Fun and social connection

Back to a Better You

Studies have shown that those who participate in regular groups and activities live longer, enjoy better health, feel optimistic and happier about life, which has a direct impact on their health and healthy immune systems.

Rebuild with people just like you, who have exactly the same thought. Chat, socialise and exercise.

Referred by the NHS

I am referred to many of my clients by NHS clinicians, especially Regional and Parkinson’s nurses. I have helped many people with chronic diseases or recovering from accidents live their best possible lives. Doctors and nurses simply don’t have the time, or training, to offer the rehabilitation therapy that I can.


I specialise in helping people with Parkinson’s disease, Luey Body, dementia, and neurological conditions, plus those recovering from strokes and falls.

Tailored and holistic

Every person I work with is unique – different health records, different symptoms, different goals. But they all want to improve to be as independent as possible. This is what I help them achieve.


From an initial assessment, I design a bespoke programme to address their whole physical and emotional health and wellbeing. My sessions can include exercise, care, massage therapy, chair yoga, yoga, nutrition, lifestyle advice and support. I can also provide specialist exercise and rehabilitation equipment.


With my clients, we work to rebuild strength, balance, coordination, mobility, fitness, health and ultimately confidence. Always at the pace of the individual client and adapting with them.

Parkinson’s Disease

For conditions associated with Parkinson’s Disease

  • Gait / Walking technique
  • Stiffness/ rigidity
  • Freezing
  • Dyskinesia
  • Atrophy / Muscle Weakness
  • Stress and Anxiety

We are here to offer support to those suffering and care givers where we can.