About Active Future

Exercise classes are a great way to stay healthy, meet new people, and socialise with your friends. At Active Future, we work with adults of all ages, specialising in older adults who want to stay healthy in their later years. We love helping our clients stay active and independent while maintaining a high quality of life.

Class Notes

We bring all the equipment you need to each class, so all you have to do is show up. Wear loose-fitting clothing and something supportive for your feet, like trainers. Water is available at the location, but feel free to bring your own. If you have any questions or concerns about our classes, just contact us.

Taking the First Step

We know it's a hard decision to come to a class, so we strive to be approachable and supportive for all clients. The first step is the biggest, so step out of your comfort zone and try a class today. We're here to help you along the way. We provide motivation for all ages and help you discover how fitness works for you. You'll overcome your fears, achieve your goals, and find inclusion, friendship, and support. Download our registration form today.

Our Owner - Charlotte Fairs

Charlotte Fairs is a highly qualified fitness instructor with a passion for her work. Her qualifications include:

Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist - (LSSM) 

Studio Instructor/Exercise to Music - Level 2 (YMCAfit)

Advanced Gym Instructor - Level 3 (YMCAfit)

Exercising Older Adults - Level 3 (YMCAfit)

Training in Different Environments - Level 3 (Active IQ)

G.P. Referral/Exercise Referral - Level 3 (Active IQ)

Postural Stability for Falls Prevention - Level 4 (Later Life Training)

Public Speaking

Charlotte is available for speaking about subjects connected to her specialised training and her classes. Her talks are invaluable for your staff, members of your group or organisation, or your clients. She aims to educate and raise awareness in many health related areas including fitness, fall prevention, arthritis, and joint care – to name a few of the subjects she can cover.

Our Mission

Our mission is to uplift spirits and improve self-confidence by way of getting fitter and keeping active. We want to help people realise that fitness is as much about achieving a sense of personal well-being as it is about improving physical appearance. All our classes are:

Friendly | Supportive | Inspiring | Achievable | Fun & Enjoyable

We aim to eliminate those negative feelings that thoughts of exercise and fitness often brings from past experiences. Active Future is an education, advice, and motivation package that initiates a positive journey to a fitter, healthier way of life. We specialise in tailoring activities and exercises to one's goals and aspirations, relative to lifestyles and expectations. Whether your desire is to walk unaided to the shops or run a 10 km race, Active Future aims to help you achieve your goals.

 Get in touch today in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, to discover more about our fitness classes.