Fitness Over 55 in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

A Healthier, Happier You

Your 50s are the perfect time to get serious about fitness. Active Future in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, offers classes catered specifically to fitness over 55s. These fun, simple classes combine aerobic fitness with strength exercises to give you a complete workout and keep your body in great shape.

Venue Details

Details - Matfield Village Hall Tuesdays - 9.30am - 10.30am


St Andrews Church Hall Paddock Wood - 9.30am - 10.30am

Aerobics Classes

The first half of each class involves aerobics workouts to music (formerly known as Boogie-Fit). Everyone who enjoys music will love these classes. The routines are easy to learn and we play everything from the 1950s to the present, including country, Zumba music, and rock and roll. Queen is a perennial favourite, but we cater to a wide range of tastes.


The second half of each class consists of strengthening exercises. Using resistance bands, mats, and chairs we work your core and strengthen your arms and legs. We also offer the Burns and Turns workout for overall fitness. Every class ends with a good stretch and is sure to leave you with a real get-up-and-go feeling.

Friendly & Fun

These mixed-ability classes have a fun, non-judgemental atmosphere that focuses on doing what you can. It's a friendly, outgoing group and we always have such a good laugh! The most important thing is that you come and enjoy yourself – the rest will follow. Our classes are designed for fun-loving older adults with vitality and humour.

The Benefits

Discover the many benefits of staying fit. Our classes help you:

Lose Weight | Reduce Blood Pressure | Socialise & Meet Like-Minded Friends | Prevent Osteoporosis & Type-2 Diabetes | Improve Muscle Stretch, Endurance, Mobility, & Flexibility | Improve Coordination & Balance | Improve Self-Esteem & Confidence

 Get in touch in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, for more information about our how aerobic fitness classes and our fitness over 55 programme.