Care Home Classes in Tunbridge Wells, Kent

A Healthier, Happier You

We have developed a research-based programme especially for care home operators and the residents they serve. Our focus is split between delivering a quantifiable improvement in wellness combined with a formal reporting methodology for the home staff.

Working with operators

We know that operators must navigate complex rules, expert stakeholder groups like Age UK, and inspection bodies like the CQC, all while delivering a great experience for residents.

Our Resident Wellness Programme is proven to work for you, your residents and all the external bodies you interact it. It is designed to engage and delight residents, while both improving their physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and providing a formal reporting process for the home management we work with.

Wellness should be fun

Our highly experienced and qualified founder is passionate about the Wellness of elder people. Following years of running dedicated classes and one-to-one sessions for seniors, she was invited to speak to care home operators about providing fun, effective classes for their residents.

From this point, our Resident Wellness Programme has designed, tested and rolled-out across care homes in Kent. To deliver the maximum benefit, the classes are deliberately fun and engaging, using music, social exercises and encouragement to stimulate all participants in a safe, supportive environment.

Working with Dementia

Our first care home classes were specifically for residents with dementia as music, exercise and interaction are proven to be highly effective at stimulating their mental and physical wellness. The classes are so engaging that other residents soon joined in and so we extended the Programme to work for all care home residents.

Effective and great value

We know that care home operators must carefully manage their budgets and so our Resident Wellness Programme is priced to offer budget certainty and scalable value.

Learn more / Free trial

We are happy to discuss our proprietary model with all care home operators in detail, so please contact us for more information. We are so confident in the effectiveness of our Programme that we will run the first session for free so that operators and their employees can see the results for themselves.

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